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August 29, 2013
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RD: Kayuu Jiburo by BloodLustingCreature RD: Kayuu Jiburo by BloodLustingCreature

*EDIT* I'm slowly revamping and redrawing him XD I only did his face and a bit of his hair this time~

☠ Name ☠

Kayuu Jiburo

☠ Alias ☠


☠ Age ☠


☠ Gender ☠


☠ Height ☠

185cm / 6' 1"

☠ Blood Type ☠


☠ Birthday ☠

October 13th

☠ Weapon ☠

1x Butterly Knife/ Balisong

He also has another black one, but he hardly ever uses it

☠ Opinion on what is happening ☠

Kayuu loves the entire situation and is excited about it all. The thought that he could die in this game doesn't affect him at all. He loves how the feeling of being watched has him constantly on edge and cannot wait to see how everything plays out.

☠ Relationship's ☠

Relationship Status: Taken by Scarlett

Opinions on people he's met:

Shie- "She's exactly like a little sister to me. I'll always do my best to protect her and be there for her when she needs me. If anyone messes with her they're gonna have me to deal with."

Yukio- "He's rather adorable. He blushes so much and can be tease easily. He's was the first rabbit I met and he just happened to be an old friend too."

Dai-kun-"Dai-kun is an awesome guy. He has a great sense of humor and I enjoy being an idiot with him. I think of him as my best friend. He's mah bro. I'd happily do anything for him."

Scarlett- "Daayum that boy is sexy. I am definitely not leaving him alone anytime soon. I'm gonna leave as many marks on him as possible so others know he's mine. I'll gladly protect him with my life and body. I'd rather myself hurt instead. My bby means too much to me. ♥♥♥♥♥"

Usagi- "Usagi-kun is one of my closet friends. He's hilariously fun to tease and it's easy to get him to forgive you. //smirk// I'm glad I'm friends with him."

Ryo Shi- "He's really calm and quiet, but is pretty cool at the same time. He's got me wondering what he's hiding under that bandanna.."

☠ Personality ☠

Will be edited soon

~ Flirty
~ Sarcastic
~ Cocky
~ Crafty
~ Curious
~ Gregarious
~ Can be Hot-tempered
~ Cheeky
~ Bold
~ Sweet
~ Protective
~ Jealous

☠ Likes/ Dislikes ☠

+ Adrenaline Rushes.
+ Pain (He's a masochist.. Oh and I suppose he's a sadist too).
+ Cold weather.
+ Jumpscares etc.
+ Singing
+ The smell and taste of blood.
+ Cats.
+ Screwing with people's minds.
+ Doing tricks with his Balisong.
+ Dangerous situations.
+ Attractive guys.
+ Scarlett.
+ Teasing Scarlett.
+ Hanging out with his close friends

- People that whine and cry a lot.
- Having his fun ruined.
- Being told not to do dangerous things.
- Hot weather.
- How he gets jealous easily.
- Girls that he doesn't know too well touching him.

☠ History ☠

Kayuu was born to a single mother who didn't want him and left him out in the cold to die.. but instead of dying he was found by a man named Jiro who took him home to his boyfriend and they ended up raising Kayuu as their own. Kayuu thought they were his real parents before some asshole kid that was picking on him about his eyes one day told him he was a "homo freak like the freaks who got him from the trash" (or something like that) and told him that they shouldn't even be allowed to live and that Kayuu should have died. This upset him heaps but he never mentioned it to his "parents", letting them believe he didn't know. As he went through school he was continued to be bullied, at one point getting beat up practically every day until he snapped and punched on of the bullies back, breaking their jaw..

After that the bullying stopped for a few weeks before they started again. Eventually it got to the point where he refused to go to school and took his anger out on his "parents" constantly arguing with them and yelling at them.. and things just got harder and harder for him. He was actually considering suicide on the same day he found out that both his parents had been murdered and that pretty much broke him making him try to kill himself but he was found and saved in time by a friend.. After that he refused to speak for almost an entire year, being constantly watched by people to make sure he didn't kill himself. He ended up dying his hair to look like his "parents" and got piercings similar to theirs, trying to make himself look like they had as much as he could, even though people told him it was going to make him feel even worse. He actually ended up speaking again the day he finished making himself look like them, surprised that his voice had changed into a deeper one than what it had been the last time he spoke. It wasn't too much longer after that before he got the rabbit doubt message. He accepted it, actually wishing he could be sucked into a horror game so he might die and was surprised as well as overjoyed when he woke up in an unknown place.

☠ Other ☠

~His biggest regret is fighting with his parents and not being able to apologize to them before they died.
~He has Aphenphosmphobia/Haphephobia but it usually only takes affect with girls unless he is drunk or emotional (ex: Angry, depressed)


~He is ambidextrous but tends to favor his left hand more.
~ He loves to sing but can get pretty embarrassed if he does it in front of people.
~The rabbit charm on his phone is winking.
~The main reason he started using a Balisong/Butterfly Knife was because he knew he could easily cut himself by accident while doing tricks.
~He tends to get Jealous and protective over someone he likes and has to stop himself from doing something to the person near his crush/partner/friends.
~He is Bisexual and leans more towards guys than girls.
~He has his lip pierced three times, a tongue piercing and three piercings in both ears.
~He is an adrenaline junkie.
~He has a bad habit of swearing.
~He also has a bad habit of hitting on people.
~If in a relationship he will remain loyal to his partner even if he does hit on people. usually he only hits on people to see how they react.
~Under his happy face he is actually severely depressed and if the right words are said at just the right moment he'll easily crack and lose himself completely which will end up with him trying to kill himself again. If he gets to this stage he will do everything in his power to make sure he succeeds this time. (So in otherwords he's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode because he refuses to speak to anyone about things and bottles everything up)
~He often stabs his hand a little when he is bored, but not deep enough to be serious.
~He has a big soft spot for animals, especially cats.
~One of his eyes is brown and the other is green.
~Has a sweet caring side to him that he only shows around people he really cares about or people he wants to protect/is worried about. While he is usually being his cocky self he knows how to drop it when the moment is bad and he would willingly comfort someone if needed.
~He is extremely insecure about his eyes and will shut down at the mention of them usually.
~He rarely ever takes off the collar around his neck and freaks out if someone touches it without getting permission off him. (You only have to ask once and if he says yes he won't care if you touch it again without asking)
~He jokingly kisses people all the time but doesn't mean anything by the kisses.
~His theme song thing is this:… (HOLYFUCKITFITSSOWELL)

-more to be added-

I'm happy to roleplay him with anyone who wants to. c:

In notes, comments, the chatroom etc.

I also have skype if anyone wants to roleplay on there~ Just ask c:

Kayuu Jiburo, Jiro and Art (c) Me

Template (c) :iconrabbito-dauto:
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